Transport system

Transport system
New transport system…

“drawbar pull”…

easy operation and huge clearing

MODEL 10thousand
Four compensated cylinders with rack system operate the four transport wheels (6.50 x 16). Front-end wheels with revolving forks and fixed rear wheels. With a concept of “clean” design, it neither interferes with the platform nor with the farming coulters in the tool bar. It has large stability due to the four wheels placed at the ends. Transport width: 2.5 m.

MODEL 32thousand

Means of transport: “CLEAN” design Longitudinal transport. Estimated width: 3.5 m.

Hydraulic jack for changing wheels from seeding to transport position and vice versa


System of

Folding and transport

Model 22thousand

The 22,000 model has a simple folding mechanism. This enables a single operator, using the hydraulic command to either prepare the machine for work or to fold it for transport. In work mode the weight of the machine is on top of the opening turbo knives, enabling them to be more effective, whereas in the transport mode the weight is evenly distributed for ease of movement.